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performance review

Poor Performance Review – What Next?

Performance reviews can be a very stressful experience for a lot of people. Whether your recent performance has been up to par or not, performance reviews can be difficult to navigate. Sometimes, despite your best work and preparations they don’t go well. Every successful professional has a story of a particularly painful review. How you …

Nine Inspiring Stories of Career Reinvention

Career reinvention, or jumping into a career with which you have very little experience, can be extremely daunting. Yet people do it all the time. Sometimes it’s because of an innate interest in the profession or a dormant talent that they have just come to realize. Career Reinvention It’s understandable that people don’t attempt to launch a new …

What does your glovebox say about you?

People spend an enormous amount of time in their cars throughout their lifetime, but what are their glove-box travel necessities? We were curious, so we got 10 photographers to photograph their car and the contents of their glove-compartment. Are there similarities or differences across the globe? GoCompare went off to investigate here, and here are …

What makes a successful team? - Sarah-J Coaching Blog

What makes a successful team?

I recently ran a mini-workshop on the subject of teamwork. It brought up some interesting insights when I asked the group ‘what makes a successful team?’ This blog will cover some of the answers we discussed in the workshop to answer this elusive question. 

How to Prioritise

We’ve all been there – you’ve got 100 things on your to-do list and at least half of them are urgent. You know you can’t fit them all into your day, or even your week, so how do you prioritise them?

The Benefits of Appreciation

No matter what stage of your life and career you’re at, I’m sure there is plenty for you to be thankful for. Unfortunately, we often take these things for granted and focus, instead, on the negative things in our lives and the challenges we have to face.

How to Stay Calm Under Pressure

We often find ourselves under pressure, whether that’s at work or in other parts of our lives. How we respond to this pressure can play a big part in our success in that situation. Imagine you have to present an idea to your seniors at work, for example, in pursuit of a major project that could further your career.