negative career impact

Is your career negatively impacting your life?

Our careers have enormous implications and impacts on our lives. We spend massive proportions of our daily lives being at, and thinking about work. When something that has so much effect on your life starts to become a constant strain, you are bound to see the evidence in other parts of your life as well. Take a moment to determine if your career is weighing on your life. It may be time to make a change.

Dealing with workplace stress

Everyone goes through stages of stress, anxiety, or general moodiness from time to time. These things tend to come on during difficult stages in our lives, when it feels like too much is piling up around us.

If your job is making you feel overwhelmed and stressed out on a regular basis, then these feelings of stress and negativity will become the norm. When your “bad days” become every day, it permeates all aspects of your life. It’s important to be vigilant, and make changes before your attitude impacts your professional and personal life in ways that can’t be changed!

Signs your career is negatively impacting your life

There are a number of ways that a stressful and unrewarding job can impact your life, some more severe than others.

Negative Mood

The first signs that you’re too stressed, and you need a change, is when your mood just isn’t what it used to be. This could manifest in a number of ways. When you’re under constant stress different people react differently

Some people become tense or angry when they are under pressure. Their frustration seeps out into other areas of their lives in the form of anxious tension, angry outbursts, or general negative outlook about those around them. When this anger is held in, internalized, it can lead to health issues down the road.

Other people become lethargic or apathetic, moody to the point of being sad. This can sap the energy from those around you, and frustrate the people who depend on you to be active and motivated. If gone unchecked, these sorts of feelings could grow into a depressive episode.

No Free Time

Even if you are making it through the stress of your day-to-day life without letting it impact your mood too much, if you never have any free time to yourself, you will start to become worn out. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice time with your children or family, or give up your favorite hobbies, for the sake of work.

We all get busy, and have times when we feel like there are not enough hours in the day. But if you’re feeling that on a consistent basis, and it’s mostly because of your job, you may want to consider making a change.

Problems at Home or with your Partner

When you’re stressed out, unhappy, and lacking in free time, it affects those around you. If your mood and your schedule are impacting your home life to the point that it’s causing problems with your family or with your partner, you need to reevaluate your work situation.

Give yourself the time and space to be the person you want to be. If your job is preventing you from being the true you—a parent, a family member, a dependable friend—it’s going to grind you down, and have a negative impact on those around you. It’s not worth losing the people closest to you, to keep a stressful job.

Your Health

Probably the most important thing that a stressful job can take away from you, is your health. Stress-related health problems are very common and diverse. Make no mistake, in the most severe cases, stress can be fatal.

Stress-related health issues span the entire gamut potential health problems. From sore muscles and stiff joints, associated with tension, repeated movements, or sitting or standing for extended periods of time—to gastrointestinal issues of varying severity—right through to heart attacks.

Stress and anxiety have a cumulative effect on your body. If you let stress fester for years, you could end up with severe problems. There are countless variables that factor into your health, but one thing is for certain: excessive amounts of stress will harm your health. You owe it to yourself and your family to relieve some of your career or workplace stress.

Making a Change

The first step towards a more rewarding life, is to realise that you don’t need to be under this much stress—you don’t need to let your career negatively impact the rest of your life. Once you’ve realised that, it will be easier for you to make a change. You may need to just walk away from the job you have, and find something new. Or you may need to have a difficult conversation with your colleagues about problems in the workplace. In any case, changes have to be made.


You don’t have to let your career negatively impact your life. Everyone deals with stress differently. You may internalize your stress as anxiety and tension, or externalize it in angry outbursts and mood swings. Eventually though, stress from your job will make its way into other parts of your life. If you aren’t vigilant, and make the necessary changes, you could end up losing the things that are most important to you. Stand up for yourself and for what’s important to you, and find a job that respects that.


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