Working with Sarah Jones


Talent development and executive leadership coaching will massively boost your organisation’s performance, helping you reach your goals faster than ever.


I work with organisations, teams and leaders to improve employee retention & revenue growth by allowing employees to build thriving career paths inside the organisation and increase their performance and visibility. I also help newly-promoted managers ‘step
into’ their roles as leaders and develop the confidence and resilience they need to love their work and lead the organisation to success.


My services for organisations include four tailor-made coaching programmes that address these key areas:

working with sarah jones

Leadership Transformation Programme (LTP)


Newly-promoted managers don’t always enter into their positions prepared with the leadership skills they need. With this 1- 1 programme, newly-promoted managers will be able to step up as transformational leaders.

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Internal Career Development (ICD)


 This programme uses a 3-stage method to show employees what the next steps in their careers are WITHIN the organisation. This programme will instill loyalty to high-performing employees.

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Confidence for Women Leaders (CWL)


Ambitious women who are highly talented and skilled sometimes don’t live up to their full potential because of lack of confidence and assertiveness. This programme works in a 1- -1 or a group setting to develop female leaders, promote diversity in the workplace, and create a culture that will attract the very best future talent.

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Ignite Team Performance (ITP)


Winning teams are the key to any organisation’s progress and performance. Once your teams go through this programme, they will operate at a higher level of productivity, efficiency, and improved communication.

Working with me will ensure that key employees adapt and stick with the organisation, and don’t leave for the competition.

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    I am a trained speaker and can chair, moderate and facilitate conferences, workshops and seminars. I have done this for many organisations, including Abbott Nutrition and DHL. Please see my media & speaking page for more information.




    “Sarah conducted psychometric testing and team workshops to improve team communication and performance – and goal setting. She is also working with team leaders to evolve and flex their leadership style and improve time management. She has a very clear, supportive and results-driven approach to coaching.”


    Tony Dempsey, Divisional MD, Fullers Logistics

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