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Success Stories & Testimonials - Sarah-J Coaching, Herfordshire
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Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it - read what my clients had to say…

Kind words from valued clients

I’m honoured to have worked with all my clients. Here are some kind words from people and businesses that I’ve helped.

“I feel ready to be a much better version of me…”

A huge thank you to you, Sarah. I refer to my notebook almost daily and the techniques you gave me have provided a toolset from which to ground myself and make real progress. For me, it’s been about breaking habits, taking action and adopting daily practices. These combined have shifted my mindset and I feel ready to be a much better version of me. That means progressing with my career goals without fear for the first time in my life! The ‘knock on’ effect on all my relationships is already starting to pay dividends.

“Sarah helped me to raise awareness about my strengths and consider new possibilities…”

The sessions with Sarah have had an extremely positive impact in my life and important kick-start moving toward setting up my business. Setting up a new business is, at the same time, very exciting and overwhelming. With Sarah, I was able to have a clear idea of how I could to move forward, with an action plan. Sarah’s invaluable experience and coaching techniques help me to raise awareness about my strengths and considering new possibilities that increased my motivation to work towards my goal. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sarah for her time, patience and support turning my dream into my reality. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking into setting up a new business, as I believe Sarah is a GREAT inspirational coach. Thank you.

“I’m working with Sarah to develop some team coaching workshops…”

Sarah has a natural personable style and she wasn’t afraid to challenge me when necessary, particularly when I was pontificating and struggling to make a decision. She effectively guided me through each session and made sure I had a stated clear goal before exploring the options to achieve my desired outcome. I found her easy to talk to, and we established a friendly rapport, at an early stage, which made the whole experience fun whilst also being very productive and useful. I would recommend her to others who are looking to embark on a coaching journey and I’m working with Sarah to develop some team coaching workshops and introduce coaching to other team members to help them develop and play an even more active part in business success.”

“Sarah always ensured I had a clear way forward…”

I was at a juncture in my career, I had some key decisions I needed to make but I wanted to avoid the traps I’d fallen into in the past; taking on too much, making myself too stressed, and working ridiculously hours. Initially the objective of the coaching was to work through a couple of specific business opportunities, however through the coaching sessions it revealed to me more deep-rooted issues that I felt underpinned some of the challenges I faced on a regular basis through my career. Sarah’s approach in the sessions was excellent, she was professional, quickly gaining my trust; making the sessions very productive for me right from the beginning and Sarah always ensured I had a clear way forward during the sessions; finishing with me stating actions I was committed to. My approach to managing my career and managing business matters has significantly improved from the sessions. I’m much more comfortable dealing with a much wider array of business affairs. I feel I have a more balanced outlook, more readily accepting my strengths and weaknesses.

“I’ve been able to make positive changes and move forward…”

I came to Sarah with a variety of topics I wanted to discuss as I felt a little lost. Sarah utilised tools and techniques to help me prioritise my life and ‘see the wood for the trees’. I was just bumbling along before, I knew something was up but was not sure where to start – or even what it was. Sarah helped me to identify my overall picture for my life then drew it down into different areas and things I wanted to achieve, helping me to focus and really achieve some clarity. Along the way I found Sarah’s questioning very clear and her ability to reflect back to me patterns and observations caused major shifts and adaptations to how I go about certain activities. She remembers everything we’ve previously discussed and so she can refer back to points when needed.  She helped me with overall time management, career, business management, and prioritisation, meaning I’ve been able to make positive changes and move forward. The improvement in my focus in these areas has given me a clear plan to move me to the next stage of my career, an additional business, and juggling family and personal relationships. I find coaching with Sarah extremely valuable and Sarah is a very proficient coach, very easy to get along with.

“Delivered results beyond my expectations.”

Prior to the sessions with Sarah I think I’ve been too distracted and concerned by my weaknesses; I often took my weaknesses out of context hindering my career progression. I now have some ‘tools for life’ in particular I constantly reframe situations/issues and this has been fundamental to me in developing a more positive approach to dealing with challenges; some of which I may have avoided all together in the past. It is with great pleasure I’m able to say I have tried and tested the approaches I have developed from these sessions. They have delivered results beyond my expectations but more importantly to me, I have delivered these results without being stressed to the hilt and not feeling like I’m sprinting on a treadmill just to keep things on an even keel. Instead, I’m motivated and at a fulfilled level whilst also delivering some great results. Thanks for everything Sarah; it was a pleasure and life changing.”

“I’ve taken positive action in moving towards a career path…”

Sarah has been an excellent coach and has helped me gain clarity through a difficult period in my professional life. I was going through some conflicts at work as I inherited a team due to a takeover. Sarah’s professional and patient approach has enabled me to get my get clarity about my priorities through some powerful coaching sessions. We focused on team management and conflict resolution resolution and Sarah took me through, and provided, techniques I can deeply to adopt a more ‘coaching style’ with my team. This has been extremely impactful as I’ve taken positive action in moving towards a career path, with a team that is achieved our company’s goals, and has an open dialogue that fosters creativity and ‘can do’ in the workplace. This has had an immediate impact elsewhere in my life, as I am taking more time for myself and planning better, thus allowing me to gain balance and focus on dealing with changes. I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a professional coach.”

“Within a few short sessions, I was making progress…”

I needed to develop my business. As a small business owner, I felt I needed to know everything and didn’t feel I had anyone I could share my concerns with. And I’m busy! Over the course of the sessions with Sarah, we explored and resolved a number of issues relating to advertising my new business, identified milestones and goals for 2015 relating to the business and as a result I’ve put in place plans to achieve them. I even forged a career path and my development within my own organisation, and thought about succession planning. I just didn’t have the time to think about these matters before and within a few short sessions, I was making progress.

“…techniques that I hadn’t heard of before, that I can take, and use, in my everyday life”

I couldn’t figure out why I never seemed to get motivated, or get around to the goals I set myself. I was getting frustrated with my personal and financial situation and I was unhappy, but I was also stuck. I tried and tried to read books, listen to videos online, and read articles to try and shift myself but nothing worked. Then I found out what was stopping me, and it was me! Over time, I had developed negative patterns, habits, behaviours, and self-talk that was stopping me achieving my goals, and Sarah has helped me identify and face these barriers I was unconsciously putting up. Through working with Sarah I have been able to establish my main goal and break this down into smaller manageable mini-goals, motivating me to achieve these smaller goals in order to reach one step closer to success. Sarah has been able to share with me some techniques that I hadn’t heard of before, that I can take, and use, in my everyday life. It’s made a big difference to my happiness. She has a friendly and encouraging approach and is really supportive. She challenges me when I most need it and her questioning technique has made me see things from a different perspective. I’m always motivated to complete my actions after a coaching session with Sarah; I would recommend her to anyone who has any goal they want to achieve.

“I am taking big steps towards building my dream life…”

“My life was pretty good, but I felt something was missing. I didn’t know what that something was, I just felt like everything was ‘good’ but not ‘good enough’ – I wanted more adventure, fun, and freedom in my life. But I didn’t know where to start. Coaching with Sarah is a great experience. She has a great ability to ask the right questions, and these questions helped me to uncover the hidden issues and limiting beliefs I was holding onto. She also helped me to uncover what she called my ‘sat nav’ – the core things that are important to me in life, and I could see why I was feeling dissatisfied as my current life didn’t really suit my personality. Through finding out what makes me tick, I am well on the way to designing the life I want. As a result, I am taking big steps towards building my dream life and I’ve even been able to take a travel break while carrying on with the coaching. I probably wouldn’t have done that before, I would have stayed where I was. Sarah has helped me to ‘reconfigure’ my mind and has given me clarity. This means I can focus on what works for me and what doesn’t. This whole experience is building my self-confidence and belief as I can see the fruits of my labour and my successes along the way. So thanks, and I’m looking forward to the next steps in my journey!

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