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The latest news and articles
Common company culture myths - Sarah-J Coaching blog

Common company culture myths

May 8, 2018Business

Company culture is what defines a business and its values. It often isn’t one of the first things that are thought about when starting up a company, but it really should be because it affects lots of aspects of that company.

How do I push back? - Sarah-J Coaching Blog

How do I push back?

April 30, 2018Career, Personal

How important is obedience in the workplace? Sure, you don’t want to be the rebellious employee that doesn’t follow instructions or get tasks completed on time, but blind obedience can have its problems as well.

What did 2017 teach you?

January 15, 2018Mindset, Personal

Now that the fog of Christmas and New Year has lifted and we’re all back at work, it’s a good time to take a moment to pause and reflect on the year that we leave behind us. They say that those who don’t learn from history are doomed

How to stay on track with your plans

September 11, 2017Mindset

Even the most motivated of us can sometimes hit a brick wall, or find motivation an issue from time-to-time. Modern life is very busy, many of us have conflicting pressures, coming in from different directions so it’s easy to get

The leader as a coach

September 5, 2017Business, Career

I’ve worked with companies to develop their leaders as coaches. It’s great to see how organisations are understanding that taking a coaching approach can lead to self-awareness and development within teams and plenty of ‘aha’ moments.

Is conflict ever good?

August 29, 2017Mindset, Personal

Actually, I believe it is, whether in a business or personal context! As long as there are no unhealthy, manipulative, unhealthy behaviours at play, there are many advantages to conflict and I’ve outlined a few reasons.

Frustrations of middle management - Sarah-J Coaching

Frustrations of middle management

August 22, 2017Business

Middle management can sometimes be a funny place to be. Very often you are senior enough to make big decisions, lead teams, and have a great deal of responsibility but maybe do not have a lot of power to make organisational changes.

The perils of a modern empath

August 14, 2017Mindset, Personal

So is empathy, being empathetic a good thing or not? I’d always considered it a strength. As a coach, I seek to understand on a cognitive level what my clients are going through, without over-sympathising because as a coach, you have a

A sense of loss

August 11, 2017Mindset, Personal

Sometimes loss comes at the most unexpected times and when it does, we are often not prepared for it. Be that a job loss, the end of a relationship, or someone passing away we can expect to ride a wave of emotions – and fluctuate in

Lost in your career? Try these

July 3, 2017Career

Sometimes we all get stumped, feel like we are not making progress, or lose our way in our careers. Life simply gets in the way sometimes and we can wonder why we have not made the progress we would like.

The mask at work

June 27, 2017Career, Mindset

Very often we find ourselves in a role, or promoted, and we feel like an imposter, we are wearing a mask. Whilst we may know how to do our role, if we are expected to lead a team, work effectively alongside different peers, departments

What it really takes to succeed

June 20, 2017Mindset

In this day and age, with celebrity news, YouTube adverts, Instagram images… it’s easy to think that success often happens ‘overnight’. However sometimes ‘overnight’ has meant several years of hard work, and what we see is the end result.

The art of listening

June 12, 2017Personal

Active listening is very important in most walks of life to be able to develop both professional and personal relationships. Have you ever had the feeling where you felt a manager was really actively listening to what you said and how

Owning your stuff

May 29, 2017Personal

Despite our best efforts, we can all fall short sometimes unless you are totally cocooned from life. As much as I believe in the Law of Attraction, and having a healthy, balanced mindset there are some maxims that I think are really

Vulnerability as a strength

May 22, 2017Mindset, Personal

I thought I would tackle the issue of vulnerability in this blog and how it can be a source of strength. Vulnerability is something I have struggled with in the past and had to master and continue to do so – particularly in my personal life.

Career SWOT analysis

May 5, 2017Career

If you want to find and develop a satisfying career, you need to create a solid career change strategy and an important part of that is your personal SWOT analysis. What is exactly is a SWOT analysis?

Real you

May 4, 2017Personal

If you want to add value to your business you must first be yourself. Sounds pretty simple but that is what people buy into; you. You do not need to be a "people person", developing a personality so people like to hear you talk. Anyone

Reviewing your goals

April 25, 2017Career, Personal

It is the end of the first quarter and time to check the score. Just as planning your goals for the coming year should always begin with a look back at the year in review, so planning your busines for the rest of this year should take

Keeping a spring in your step

April 6, 2017Mindset

For many of us, the public holidays are approaching for Easter Break and thank goodness I hear some of you cry! Whilst for many of us, it may be a reason to over-indulge on the chocolate front, for many of us it’s a few days to relax

From manager to leader

March 20, 2017Career

Very often people are promoted into a role because of their technical experts, and competency in the role, and then are expected to be ‘leaders’ as they are given bigger responsibilities and areas, possibly people, to drive forward.

How to set career goals

March 6, 2017Career

Setting career goals are something that everybody ought to do as they start their and progress careers. Setting these goals permits you to get some focus and make sense of precisely where you need to be and to what extent you

What motivates you at work?

January 31, 2017Career, Mindset

All of have an internal ‘sat nav’ – that is core principles that guide us. We have them in our personal lives, so for example someone that is motivated by adventure may find that they spend time and money on trips and travel.

Mind the career gap!

January 24, 2017Career

This week’s blog focuses on the aspects of career development. In my previous post - New Year - all change? - I talked about how the New Year can be a funny old time, with some of us feeling under pressure, unsettled.

New Year – all change?

January 17, 2017Mindset

The New Year can be a time of reflection, and generally feeling ‘unsettled’. We inadvertently put pressure on ourselves, via resolutions and other means, to change many things in our lives.

An attitude of gratitude

An attitude of gratitude

December 19, 2016Mindset

Gratitude isn’t something that is just related to the end of the year, when we can often turn our minds to what we have achieved, what we haven’t achieved. It’s a habit that can be finessed and adopted as part of a healthy mind set.

Your good elf this festive season

Your Good Elf This Festive Season

December 12, 2016Personal

So how do you keep yourself in ‘Good Elf’ as we head towards this festive season? (Sorry, but I could not resist the pun). Christmas, for those that celebrate it, can mean many different things to different people.

How to get focus and direction

How to get focus and direction

October 3, 2016Mindset

It’s always good to have something to work towards and aspire to. In her book 'The Creator’s Code', Amy Williamson cites research that shows that people achieve a lot more in life when they focus on what they want to work towards -

How do I get unstuck?

How do I get unstuck?

September 22, 2016Mindset

Believe me when I say that I’m sure everyone you know has faced a time in their life where they’re feeling stuck in life, they don’t really know what they want, where they are going, or what they are doing.

Mind the career gap - where am I?

Mind the Career Gap – Where Am I?

September 18, 2016Career

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had jobs where I know in my heart of hearts I’m not happy, and frankly – I just don’t belong. I’ve sat there and meditated, socialised, looked forward to my holidays; anything to try to ignore the